The real name of “Johnny Cash” is John R. Cash. He was born in February 26, 1932 - he died in September 12, 2003. Johnny was an  American singer, songwriter, actor and author, who was called one of the best musicians of the 20th century. Many people say he was a country artist, but in   some of his songs there was always a little bit of Rock ‘n’  Roll, Blues, Folk and Gospel. So he’s in the Country- and  Rock and Roll Hall of Frame. Welcome to a Homepage about Johnny Cash Johnny Cash

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Johnny was known for his deep bass voice, for the “boom-chika-boom” voice of a train, for concerts in prisons and so on... He always started his concerts by saying “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash.”. Theres a very exciting film about Johnny Cash, you can buy it here: Walk the Line Some Videos with Cash (if you want to see them, you should stop the music of the MixPod):
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